Martha's Tea Room - Washington Avenue, Ocean Springs

Martha's Tea Room in downtown Ocean Springs is known for its quaint location and its top secret chicken salad recipe.

Owner Martha Reichard says many people have tried to duplicate the recipe over the years. In fact the Sun Herald ran article after article about just that, but Martha says the ingredients have never been right.

She did let us in on her secret ingredient. It's the relish she uses. Here's the catch - That's also a top secret recipe.

But no matter what's in it, the bottom line is it's good. And the chicken salad is just one of the many delicious dishes she whips up from scratch everyday. Martha also makes salads, gumbo, soup, quiche and desserts.

For a heartier meal, check out the roast beef on sourdough or the Ocean Springer, which is much like a Ruben with some twists.

So how does Martha get it all done? She comes in at eight in the morning where she begins to bake 15-20 loaves of bread a day. She also makes a speciality dessert each day. She picks from favorites like sweet potato cake, banana pudding, coconut cake with pineapple filling and chocolate banana pecan cream pie.

Her white chocolate bread pudding with a white chocolate sauce is made with her homemade bread.

The caramel lover fudge cake is another favorite. It's a layer of brownie, a layer of caramel and another layer of brownie topped with pecans. It's heated, then served with whip cream.

Martha's Tea Room is located on Washington Avenue in Downtown Ocean Springs. They are open Monday through Saturday from 11am to 3pm.

One side note - As you might expect, Martha collects all kinds of teapots. She has 90 in her restaurant. Some of those are her mother's and her grandmother's and even her great-grandmother's teapots.