Pascagoula businesses get creative to attract customers

By Patrice Clark- bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - The shaky economy is making it difficult for downtown Pascagoula business owners to keep their doors open. City leaders say three stores have closed this year due to financial troubles. So business owners are changing the way they operate to attract more customers.

In downtown Pascagoula, you can't miss Scranton's Restaurant's huge advertising board on the street.  Employee Jodi Odom said the sign is a big help for business.

"We have competition up the street and down the street," Odom said. "We have good food for good prices."

Wild Azalea store is using bright neon colors and catchy lines to get more people to stop and shop.

"Anything you can do to grab someone's attention as they are riding by or walking by is all you can hope for," Store Manager Cecilia Miles said.

Preservation Grill has changed its whole operation to better cater to the public and stay afloat during these tough economic times. Owner David Boland said the menu is different, the hours are longer and the prices are lower.

"We always had people love our food and love our product, but just to get enough business in has been tough," Boland said.

The small business owners said sales have decreased dramatically.

"It is a struggle to stay open, but it is also a strong desire to provide a service for our hometown," Miles said.

Boland said creatively getting your name and products out to the public are the best ways small businesses can stay alive.

"The economy is a big deal; people are looking for less expensive choices out here," Boland said.

The small business owners are hoping their promotions will get people spending in their establishments.

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