Governor is right, encourage skill trade training

Most of us always encourage our teenagers to go on to college to pursue a degree so they can land a good job. However we agree with Governor Haley Barbour, who recently said there's nothing wrong with encouraging some Mississippi high schoolers to aim for skill, trade training instead of a university degree.

Many times vocational education is thought to be inferior to attending college. Or that trade schools are for people not smart enough to make it at a real college. This stereotype needs to be eliminated.

Yes we need teachers, engineers and doctors. But we also need electricians, plumbers and brick masons. We need to continue to encourage our young people to attend college. However for those who want to go to a trade school, we should encourage them as well. Many European countries for years have had a two track system, where those who want to go to college follow one track and those who want to go into a certain trade, follow another.

So far in Mississippi 39 out of the 152 school districts have a high school program that allows students to choose course work based on their career interest. We think all school districts should offer this. Our main goal should be to have a qualified work force regardless of what kind of education people have.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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