Biloxi couple charged with capital murder in elderly man's death

By Steve Phillips - bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) -  A man and a woman charged with burglarizing a Gulfport business over the weekend, now face capital murder charges for the beating death of an elderly Biloxi man.

The victim was 74-year-old Charles Pickell, a resident of Beauvoir Manor apartments who was killed at his apartment sometime on Saturday.

Charged with his death are 27-year-old Jeremy Radau and 19-year-old Megan Kinberger.  They are both in the Harrison County jail.

The two were initially described by police as "persons of interest."  But after talking with the couple and collecting more evidence, police say they had enough to charge the pair with capital murder.

Beauvoir Manor is the apartment complex located beneath the big water tower in West Biloxi, just south of busy Pass Road.

That's where Charles Pickell, a veteran, described as a very nice man, had lived for the past few years. Sometime Saturday, he was murdered; beaten to death.

"We found a scene that led us to believe it was probably a homicide. He appeared to have been struck with some type of object.  From what we've found out, just a very nice guy. Would help anybody. I think most of his family lives up in North Mississippi, around Belzona," said Chief Investigator, Capt. Darrin Peterson with Biloxi Police Department.

Saturday, at the request of Biloxi police, WLOX News broadcast pictures of Jeremy Radau and Megan Kinberger. Their pictures appeared to have been taken by some sort of surveillance camera.  But they actually came from someone very close to the crime scene.

The suspects were identified from a video taken by the victim's neighbor, who saw the young man and woman acting suspiciously outside the residence.

"Definitely a huge help to us. But as far as getting too deep into that, I don't want to release too much information, but it was definitely very, very helpful to us," Peterson said.

The couple was arrested by Gulfport police Saturday and charged with burglarizing the "Cabana" bar and grill in the 300 block of Courthouse Road.

Once Biloxi investigators found out the couple was in custody nearby, they questioned the pair about the elderly man's murder.

"We feel like the people that assaulted him were acquaintances. We went and spoke with them. We've gathered physical evidence from the crime scene and other places. We've interviewed several people.  We're not releasing any information about the particular physical evidence we've collected," Peterson said.

Robbery is the crime that made the elderly man's killing a capital murder case.

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