CTA To Take Jackson County For A Ride

For a long time it seems Jackson County has missed the bus when it comes to public transportation, but that will soon change. Beginning the first week in April, Coast Transit Authority will run a bus route through Pascagoula and Moss Point to see if people will use it. If C.T.A. determines there's a need, it will turn to city and county leaders to help fund a permanent route.

Dorothy Burrage often runs errands for 80 year old Rosie Crear. She says a bus system could benefit elderly Moss Point residents like Crear who must depend on the kindness of others to get around.

"Their family members, they're working," said Burrage. "Then some of them may not have families and they will have somebody to be able to come to them and help them."

"It would be nice to walk out your door and can get in a bus... and go anyplace you want to go," Moss Point resident Rosie Crear said.

The new C.T.A. bus route will be limited, so it might not take Crear everywhere she wants to go, but it will pass by major medical and shopping areas.

Seventy-seven-year-old Leon Caples says his shopping list is limited to what he can fit into the basket that hangs on his bicycle.

"I would love it. It would help me out a whole lot," said Caples.

Still some Jackson County residents say they don't to see themselves waiting at a bus stop.

"My children all got cars. That's what they're for. That's what I birthed them for to take care of me," 98 year old Annie Jane Therell said.

C.T.A. director Reid Hopper says the bus will run from April through the end of the year. He says that time will be used to determine how well the bus route works in Jackson County.