Group teaches young men how to be gentlemen

By WLOX Staff

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Several young men in Jackson County have formed a new group to teach boys how to grow up to be men. This weekend, the Organized Gentleman Group held a barbeque fundraiser in Moss Point.

From encouraging young boys to stay in school to teaching them how to tie a tie, the men are trying to lead the boys in the right direction.

"The kids these days don't have no father figures; they usually look to the streets for their father figures," group member Demond Rogers said. "Me, from personal experience, I had no father figure. My mom was my father and people in the streets was my father. So from keeping them from going in the streets, we decided to do this and give them somebody to look up to besides an athlete or professional player."

Group members recently purchased school supplies for boys from single parent homes and got them free haircuts.

For more information about the Organized Gentleman Group, call (228) 990-6014.

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