Center's funding denied after late FedEx delivery

By Krystal Allan - bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A letter from the state's Department of Human Services explains it all.  Funding was denied for the Families First Resource Center, a program under the Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse, because the request was received after August 17th, 2009.

But, the center says it sent the package out on August 14th and paid to have it delivered priority overnight through FedEx.  The department pointed out the problem in a document attached to the letter.  It was a print out of a tracking delivery report from FEDEX.  It showed the package being delivered four days after the center dropped it off.  It was supposed to be delivered priority overnight.

WLOX was able to speak to someone in FedEx's media relations.  Since it was after hours on Friday, information about this incident would not available until Monday morning.  FedEx does have a policy offering a money back guarantee for late shipments provided there are no extenuating circumstances beyond the company's control like weather or an accident.

In the meantime, the center's busy contacting people at the state level to get the situation resolved.  More than $320,000 was requested for the Families First Resource Center.  It provides everything from case management and parenting skill classes, to tutoring and mentoring.

By early next week, the center's executive director, Michelle Shows, says it should have a better idea of where it stands with FedEx and department heads in Jackson.  For now, the center's doing everything it can to get the situation worked out.

The Families First Resource Center is under the Department of Human Services Division of Economic Assistance.

Click here to see the denial letter and the tracking receipt from FedEx.

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