Trent Lott honored with Senate portrait

By WLOX Staff

WASHINGTON, DC (WLOX) - There probably isn't much former Speaker Newt Gingrich and former President Bill Clinton agree on. Yet both men came together Wednesday to honor former Mississippi Senator Trent Lott.

The former House Majority Leader's portrait was unveiled at a ceremony in the Old Senate Chamber. The Lott portrait will hang in the United States Capitol as part of the Senate Leadership Portrait Collection.

President Clinton told the crowd that, "The world would be amazed to know the great chemistry Trent and Newt and I had in private... Privately we all got along real well."

Clinton said what really matters in politics is wether people are better off when you quit than when you started.

"On that score, my friend, you did pretty well. Senator Lott, thank you," Clinton said.

Senator Lott was surrounded by family, friends and former colleagues for the dedication. Other special guests at Wednesday's ceremony included Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, Democrat Leader Harry Reid, and portrait artist Steven Polson.

Trent Lott was first elected to Congress in 1972 to represent Mississippi's Fifth Congressional District - where he succeeded his former boss Representative William Colmer. Lott was re-elected seven times before his election to the Senate in 1988.

Lott is the only member in the 220 year history of Congress to serve as his party's Whip in both the House and Senate. His 35-year career concluded in December 2007 when Lott retired from politics.

Click here to listen to a recording of Wednesday's unveiling at the U.S. Capitol.

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