The faces behind the numbers

In an editorial earlier in the week we talked about unemployment in our state being in double digets, at 10.5 percent. It was just a number to many of us. But, then we saw personally the many South Mississippians behind that number and heard their stories about layoffs, cutbacks and the search for employment.

More than three thousand people packed into the local job fair WLOX sponsored with a number of other businesses. You could visually see and hear how the economic downturn had impacted many. If they hadn't been laid off, they were part time workers looking to find a job with more hours or folks needing to supplement their dwindling retirement funds.

The job seekers ranged from the teens all the way up to folks in their 60s. And they had a varying range of education, training and experience. But, they all had one common goal. They really wanted to work. All this labor pool of people needs is the chance to show a prospective employer that they can do the job. Our economic recovery will not be complete until we can find jobs for all of our neighbors in South Mississippi who want to earn a paycheck.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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