Retired Hurricane Names

In the Atlantic basin, tropical cyclone names are "retired" (that is, not to be used again for a new storm) if it is deemed to be quite noteworthy because of the damage or deaths it has caused.  This is to prevent confusion with a historically well-known cyclone with a current one in the Atlantic Basin.

Name Year Location(s) Affected
Agnes 1972  Florida, Northeast U.S
Alicia 1983 North Texas
Allen 1980 Antilles, Mexico, South Texas
Andrew 1992 Bahamas, South Florida, Louisiana
Anita 1977 Mexico
Audrey 1957 Louisiana, North Texas
Betsy 1965 Bahamas, Southeast Florida, Southeast Louisiana
Beulah 1967 Antilles, Mexico, South Texas
Bob 1991 North Carolina, Northeast U.S.
Camille 1969 Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama
Carla 1961 Texas
Carmen 1974 Mexico, Central Louisiana
Carol* 1954 Northeast U.S.
Celia 1970 South Texas
Cesar 1996 Central America
Cleo 1964 Lesser Antilles, Haiti, Cuba, Southeast Florida
Connie 1955 North Carolina
David 1979 Lesser Antilles, Hispaniola, Florida, Eastern U.S.
Diana 1990 Mexico
Diane 1955 Mid-Atlantic U.S., Northeast U.S.
Donna 1960 Bahamas, Florida, Eastern U.S.
Dora 1964 Northeast Florida
Elena 1985 Mississippi, Alabama, Western Florida
Eloise 1975 Antilles, Northwest Florida, Alabama
Flora 1963 Haiti, Cuba
Fran 1996 North Carolina, mid-Atlantic U.S.
Frederic 1979 Alabama, Mississippi
Georges 1998 Northern Antilles, Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, Cuba, Florida Keys, Mississippi, Alabama
Gilbert 1988 Lesser Antilles, Jamaica, Yucatan Peninsual, Mexico
Gloria 1985 North Carolina, Northeast U.S.
Hattie 1961 Belize, Guatemala
Hazel 1954 Antilles, North and South Carolina
Hilda 1964 Louisiana
Hortense 1996 Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic
Hugo 1989 Antilles, South Carolina
Ione 1955 North Carolina
Inez 1966 Lesser Antilles, Hispaniola, Cuba, Florida Keys, Mexico
Janet 1955 Lesser Antilles, Belize, Mexico
Joan 1988 Curacao, Venezuela, Colombia, Nicaragua, Crossed into the Pacific Ocean, becoming "Miriam"
Klaus 1990 Martinique
Luis 1995 Barbuda, St. Martin
Marilyn 1995 St. Thomas
Mitch 1998 Honduras, Nicaragua, San Salvador, Mexico, Florida
Opal 1995 Northwest Florida, Alabama
Roxanne 1995 Yucatan Peninsula

*The name "Carol" was used again to denote a hurricane in the mid-Atlantic Ocean in 1965. However, because the name does not appear after that time, it is assumed that the name was retired retrospectively for the damages caused by the 1954 storm of the same name