MS Coast Coliseum Receives A Gift That Could Save Lives

Stroke and heart attack victims could get treatment sooner thanks to a generous gift. On Monday American Medical Response donated an Automated External Defibrillator to the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center.

The ambulance service also trained a dozen Coliseum staff members on how to properly use the device. Coliseum officials say fortunately there have been few medical emergencies in the last few years but having a defibrillator around just in case could save a life.

"Studies have already shown that if the A.E.D. placed within three minutes there is a very good chance that that patient is going to survive and by placing one here I think the Coliseum is taking very good steps to accomplishing that," AMR.'s Gregory Doyle said.

Coliseum director Bill Holmes says he's very happy about the donation especially since many events here cater to an older crowd. He says since purchasing a defibrillator wasn't in this year's budget.. the coliseum would not have been able to buy one any time soon.

The device is worth about $3,500.