Anchor, Brace, Cover

Hurricanes may strike strongest on the coasts, but they also can create havoc inland. Luckily, there's plenty you can do to heighten protection from damage whether you're on the coast or inland. Preparing your home for a hurricane is as easy as ABC.


  • Bring inside anything from the yard that could become wind-borne. Ask neighbors to do the same.
  • Replace gravel or rock landscaping with fire-treated and shredded bark.
  • Make sure the house has wall-to-foundation anchors.


  • Bolt all doors with foot and head bolts that extend at least one inch into the frame.
  • Reinforce the garage door and tracks with center supports.
  • Brace all gable and framing with horizontal and vertical beams.


  • Cover all large windows and doors, such as patio doors, with shutters or plywood. A more expensive option: Replace them with impact-resistant laminated windows and door systems.
  • Make sure all doors and windows are properly caulked or weatherstripped.
  • Install roof coverings that are rated for hurricane force winds.