Proposed Changes for I-10 and I-110

By Krystal Allan - bio | email

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - With her business likely to be impacted, Sandy Cox has already mapped out the best solution to her situation when it comes to the proposed I-10/I-110 plan.

"The ideal would be to sell out and get interstate frontage pricing for our business. We've invested a lot in it over the last three years," Cox said.

MDOT's proposal will play out in a number of phases. The goal of the project is to reduce traffic congestion and create more access into and out of D'Iberville.

The first will be a separate project involving Sangani Blvd. A bridge will be built across Sangani and Interstates 110 and 15.

"Construction, hopefully, would start at the beginning of next year," said Kelly Castleberry, Gulf Coast Regional Engineer for MDOT.

Another part of the plan includes building a bridge over the I-10 and I-110 loop.  Instead of taking the loop, drivers headed west on I-10 could hop on the bridge and eventually end up on I-110 South. There are also other plans for I-110 to give drivers more ways to get into and out of D'Iberville.

"A lot of the other ramps would get relocated to where it may allow you to get off at Lamey Bridge Road or D'Iberville Blvd. and also continue on your journey to I-110 if you wish," Castleberry said.

Roads like Lamey Bridge Road, D'Iberville Blvd and Big Ridge Road would also be expanded to handle traffic off of I-110.

For additional information or to provide comments surrounding the study, click here, or contact the MDOT Environmental Division at (601) 359-7920 or by email at

MDOT asks that anyone wishing to submit comments, please do so by Friday, Sept. 25th.

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