Moss Point Police work to keep roads safe from drunk drivers, speeders

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Moss Point Police are stepping up patrols on two of the busiest roads in the city after several accidents this year, some of which were fatal. Police Chief Sheila Smallman said three people have died on Highway 63 this year and there have been dozens of wrecks on Highway 613 inside the city limits.

Officer Scott Renfro patrolled 613 on Labor Day, and said drinking and driving is a major problem.

"It aggravates me as a police officer because they know we are out here and they are still doing it," Renfro said.

Officer Renfro didn't arrest anyone Monday, but said he's pulled over dozens of drivers who shouldn't have been on the road.

"There were three people killed in a vehicle accident dealing with a DUI, an arrest was made on that."

Police officer Jeoffrey Brown said he's dealing with the same problem a few miles away on 613.  Brown said he's made more than 20 drunk driving arrests this year and also worked several wrecks.

"We have multiple clubs and multiple bars in Moss Point," Brown said.

Brown said even sober drivers can add to the danger by speeding. He said sometimes 613 feels like a race track, with drivers going 25 to 30 miles over the speed limit.

"You can sit out here for a twelve hour shift and probably issue about 200 tickets."

Moss Point Police are working hard to crackdown on speeders and drunk drivers. They promise to have extra officers saturating the roadways, not just on holidays, but every day.

"'We have officers, we have manning, we have the vehicles. We are going to come out here and let them know we mean business," Brown said.

Moss Point Police hope their increased visibility will send a clear message to people traveling on the roads. They also encourage drivers to obey the rules of road because they will stay safe, and they won't take home a ticket.

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