Man says he was shot by his brother

By Elise Roberts - bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Police are searching for a Gulfport man who may be responsible for shooting his brother. The shooting happened near a gas station at the corner of Railroad and Kelly Avenue in Gulfport.

Police say that's where they found the victim, 42-year-old Eddie J. Brown, Junior. Brown told police he had been in an argument with his brother early that day, and that his brother later returned to shoot him.

Police are looking for 40-year-old John Kennedy Brown as they continue to investigate the shooting. People who live and work in the area were shocked when they heard what happened.

"It was, at times, a little rowdy, but overall, it's just an average neighborhood," Michael Shank said.

Michael Shank owns a bonding company in the Soria City community. The business sits right next door to the Chevron gas station, where the shooting incident occurred.

"When I started hearing the units pull up, that's when I came out," Shank said.

People who live and work in the community say they don't know many details, but they are confident that the shooting is an isolated incident. In fact, they say in the past few years, this Gulfport community has seen a tremendous turn around.

"It's been a good while since we have had something like that [happen]. That's why it was kind of like a shock," Charles Dunomes said.

Dunomes is the pastor of Gulfport's Full Gospel Baptist Church.

"One of the police officers was walking past the church and said that they had a problem around the corner with a shooting," Dunomes said.

The pastor said his church and many others have spent years trying to restore the image of the historic community, and he hopes the weekend incident won't tarnish the community.

"You can't control bad apples. It's bad apples in every bunch, and hopefully, we can wing those things out as time goes on. But for the most part, Soria City is a good place to be," Dunomes said.

The victim is recovering in a local hospital as police continue to search for his brother, 40-year-old John Kennedy Brown of Gulfport.

If you have any information on Brown or the shooting, you are asked to call the Gulfport Police Department at (228) 868-5959.

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