Collective Soul comes to Biloxi

By Krystal Allan - bio | email

BILOXI, ST (WLOX) - Collective Soul rocked the stage Friday night at the Hard Rock, but earlier, the group shared the stage with some future stars of the coast, coast kids from the Boys and Girls club. The group donated $10,000 from its concert sales to the Boys and Girls Club of Biloxi and Atlanta.

"This whole process has been sort of a whirlwind. We could not be more appreciative of Collective Soul and the Hard Rock and its Ambassador of Rock Tour. We're just glad to be here," says Sam Burke, Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of the Gulf Coast.

The group came as part of the Hard Rock's Ambassador of Rock Tour, a global concert series featuring top artists and bands. In keeping with its motto, "Love All, Serve All," Hard Rock got the group on board to give back to the kids.

"You start with children. That's where it starts. The ability to share happiness with children in itself is rewarding," says Ed Roland, lead vocalist for Collective Soul.

"We'll all be leaning on the kids who will be the future leaders, and it's a real honor to work with the Boys and Girls Club and all the different children organizations we work with around the world," says Annie Balliro, senior director of brand philanthropy for Hard Rock International.

Originally from Atlanta, Collective Soul has been active in the Boys and Girls Club back home and was eager to help kids on the coast.

"There's no city lines, no county lines, state lines, no country lines; we're here to help everybody," says Ed Roland with Collective Soul.

The group also donated a signed guitar to Hard Rock's memorabilia collection.

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