BellSouth To Add New High-Speed Data System In Miami

(Lawrencville, Georgia-AP) -- The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports in Monday's edition that BellSouth will build a high-speed data system to help relieve Internet congestion in the Southeast. Company director of Internet strategy and business development Susan Campbell says the system will be near Miami and will carry data from overseas. Construction should be completed by the end of the year. It will be the first public access point for information built since 1996.

Most data traffic in the U-S comes through one of the seven public network access points, and with Internet use doubling every few months, systems are becoming clogged with data. The addition of an eighth public access point could help relieve that congestion in the Southeast. Campbell says BellSouth will also use fiber optics, a faster, more reliable technology than that of any other public access point. BellSouth has more than 2.8 million miles of fiber in its nine-state region.

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