Small Group Of Protesters Demonstrate

Wednesday, a few of the 50 members of South Mississippi United for Peace held a demonstration in front of the federal offices in the Bancorp South building near downtown Gulfport.

The organization is the same group that traveled to Washington nearly two weeks ago to march, along with thousands of others, on the U.S. Capitol. Three members carried picket signs protesting a possible war with Iraq. They also asked people to sign anti-war petitions.

South Mississippi United for Peace is affiliated with the organization International Answer. That group called for demonstrations all over the country Wednesday, one day after President Bush's State of the Union address.

"Our objective is to represent a ground swell of opinion among the people of the United States against getting into this kind of aggressive war which is not a defense against a threat to our own sovereignty but rather an effort to impose our will somewhere else around the world," member Glen Sandberg said.

"I think war is basically immoral and it's not something we should engage in right now. There's not evidence that we are defending ourselves in any way. These people don't really have the ability to hurt us," member Morris Nickerson said.

Group members predict continued demonstrations around the country will convince the President and Congress that the majority of Americans do not favor going to war.