Surgeon Walkout Sends Accident Victim To Hattiesburg

A Hancock County mother and daughter injured in a car accident Tuesday afternoon had to be transported to Hattiesburg because they couldn't get the treatment they needed on the Coast. They are just two of the people impacted by the medical malpractice crisis spreading across the state.

Around six Tuesday evening, an air ambulance from Forrest General Hospital in Hattiesburg landed at Hancock Medical Center to take 31 year old Elizabeth Antunica to be treated by a neurological surgeon. AMR drove her six year old daughter to the same hospital.

Before the surgeons walk out began Monday, the two would have probably been taken to Memorial Hospital at Gulfport. Hancock Medical Center lost its two neuro surgeons last year because of rising malpractice insurance costs.

But because of the walkout, the two had to wait much longer before receiving the treatment they needed.

Hancock Medical had hoped to be able to transport patients to Hospitals in Slidell during the surgeon's walk-out. But according to American Medical Response officials, at least one of the hospitals in Slidell is no longer accepting Coast patients because its critical care facility is full.