Police Officers Called To Military Duty

Some of the military reservists being called to active duty are full time police officers.

Biloxi police chief, Bruce Dunagan, says six of his officers have already been called up. And that number could climb to thirty.

That means fewer officers available to cover things like Mardi Gras parades.

Chief Dunagan says he's working closely with Mardi Gras organizations to make sure there's adequate security at carnival celebrations. He says there will be some shuffling of schedules, but there is a plan to cover the expected shortfall of officers.

"Certainly impacts your operations. It's nothing we haven't planned for and you basically look at your staffing, where your priorities are, and where you have to shift and move people within your organizations," explained the police chief.

Dunagan says extra barricades will also help with parade security. The City of Biloxi has 600 new barricades this year.

Biloxi relies on support from Gulfport Police and the Harrison County Sheriff's office to help provide parade security. Those agencies are also temporarily losing full time officers to military duty.