Vandalism is stupid

The mayor of Gautier calls them morons. And, residents are really mad. Last weekend someone destroyed playground equipment the city had just moved to Frazier Park. While it was not new equipment, it was going to give the children at the park some new playtime fun. But vandals took a chainsaw and destroyed that.

Mayor Tommy Fortenberry had hoped moving the equipment to the park was going to be the first step in improving the site for our children. He wanted to get the community behind the idea of raising funds to build restrooms and make other improvements.

One resident of the community was quoted as saying, "the equipment might not have been new but this was good enough for my children and grandchildren to play on. Now they can't play on it because it is broken. This is stupid."

We agree with that resident. It was stupid for someone to come in and destroy this good faith effort by the mayor and the city administration to improve a park. The individuals responsible for this vandalism need to be caught and punished.

We are glad to report the Mayor says this is not going to deter him and the city from providing playground equipment for the children of Frazier Park. We hope the community and businesses in Gautier will rally around the improvement plans and find the necessary money to help, So our children will have a safe and fun place to play.

David Vincent
WLOX-TV  VP/General Manager

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