Katrina four years later

Four years ago this Saturday, Hurricane Katrina devastated the Mississippi Gulf Coast and caused extensive damage all the way to Jackson. Four years later we have made so much progress. And that progress is still under way.

An engineer acquaintance of mine recently told me during the next twelve months the entire Gulf Coast is going to be a cone zone. We'll see lots of those orange cones indicating construction is underway. There will be sewer, water, and road construction going on in almost every city. In addition it is encouraging to see fire stations, schools, and city halls all coming out of the ground, as well as in the private sector, new apartments and mixed use housing being built.

Lack of affordable housing has been an issue facing many South Mississippians. However, the problem is being addressed with all the building and several programs that offer assistance with down payments and the yearly note.

The one issue that still is preventing some people from returning and rebuilding is the lack of affordable insurance. We urge the governor, the state insurance commissioner and insurance companies to find ways to lower premiums and write insurance all along the coast. Until this is solved our full recovery will not happen.

To each of you who experienced Hurricane Katrina your tenacity and strong resolve are to be commended. You never gave up on this beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast which is our home.

David Vincent
WLOX-TV  VP/General Manager

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