Girl Scouts Need Leaders

There are close to 3 million girl scouts in the US, and nearly one million adult volunteers. But thousands of girls across the country can't be counted in those figures because they're on waiting lists to join. There's a shortage of people willing to volunteer as troop leaders.

"We do need more, much more help, so," troop leader Joanne Carr said.

Joanne Carr is the leader for troop 368 from Long Beach. This eight year troop leader veteran has been a girl Scout since she was a child, she remembers some of her scout memories like they were yesterday. She said being a scout leader is how she gets involved with her community and with her kids.

"I love it, I wouldn't have been doing it for eight years, if I didn't love it. It's not that hard, it really isn't. They teach you everything you need to know," Carr said.

"If you want to write your name on it just make sure that you use a nice thin stream of it, ok?" Mary Scott said.

Mary Scott is the assistant troop leader. Saturday she supervised the craft project

"We're making door knob hangers, this is just some stuff that we got at one of the local craft stores, felt and they're using the glitter glue," Scott said.

"My troop leaders are really great. Ms. Joanne has been there since the beginning when I was here," Mandy said.

The scouts need leaders who have the time to volunteer and who won't give up. These troop leaders say, a leader who quits after a short time may hurt the girls' feelings. They say if you can do it and are willing to make the commitment, volunteer.

"Just get involved, it's a lot of fun, the kids need you. It's a way to stay in touch with the youth to know what's going on with them, to know what they're into, to know what they're thinking about," Scott said.

If you would like more information about the girl scouts, they can be reached at (228) 864-7215.