Hancock County Couple Says Their Attorney Lied To Them

A Hancock County couple says their attorney betrayed them. Their attorney is William Boyd the Third of Gulfport, who was indicted last week.

Boyd is charged with embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars. Cathy and Bobby Foust of Bay St. Louis say, some of that money is theirs.

"He was supposed to be our attorney, supposed to do what was right for us, supposed to take care of us, now look what he has done to us," Cathy Foust said.

William Boyd was representing the Bay St. Louis couple in a bankruptcy case dating back five years. The indictment alleges Boyd took for his own personal use, $61,000 that was in an escrow account for the Fousts. Because Boyd had control of the account, the Fousts say they could not get access to the money. They ended up losing their home and the three acres it was built on.

It was only Friday morning, while watching WLOX News, that the Fousts learned their attorney was charged with taking their money.

"He paid his personal taxes with it, if you want to know the truth. I was informed that by a very good source," Mrs. Foust said.

The Fousts say they became suspicious the last few months, and asked Boyd what was wrong. They say had always had an answer for everything.

Bobby Foust says he has little left, that his credit is ruined, and everything he has worked for is gone. Cathy Foust said everything Boyd promised them, he lied about it. Now, they are not sure where they will turn next.