Shoe store with new approach to finding the right fit

By Krystal Allan - bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - On the outside, Run-N-Tri looks like your typical athletic shoe store, but inside customers are trying on a new approach to finding footwear in South Mississippi.

"I like it. It's great the way they analyze how your feet do, how you walk and run, that's pretty neat," says Margie Dier of Pascagoula.

Before she walked out with a new pair of shoes, Margie Dier got a bio-scan of her feet.  Dier stepped on metal plates, in the shape of two feet and hooked up to a bio-scan machine called Aetrex. It computes info on things like the arches of the feet, where the feet apply pressure and a person's center of gravity.

"I got Saucony's, and they are stability shoes. I needed that kind, and it'll really help me. I'm running a marathon in November," says Dier.

The store also has a treadmill hooked up to Gait Analysis software that provides information on things like a person's in-step. Before now, store owners say people would have to travel to Hattiesburg, Pensacola or Louisiana to get these kind of bio-engineered readings.

"We felt the need for this type of service shoe store down here on the coast," says Dean Morrow.

Dean Morrow, Kevin Goveia and Luke Davidson, who also happen to be Gulfport firefighters, are the owners. The three teamed up to work a side gig that really isn't work to them.

"We all work part-time, and we just decided let's do something we love. Let's do something we're passionate about," says Morrow.

The three hope this new approach to selling shoes in South Mississippi will motivate more people to get up and get exercising.

The store started sign-up sheets for running groups on Saturdays and Sundays. It will have it's grand opening on September 26th. Run-N-Tri is located at 9138 Carl Legett Road. That's right off Cowan Road next door to Southern Grounds Coffeehouse and Health Nutz.

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