Saving South Mississippi's beaches

By Elise Roberts - bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Some parts of the beach got a facelift Saturday morning. Hundreds of people were on the beach doing some planting.

More than 250 people grabbed their shovels and other garden tools and hit Biloxi's beachfront with one thing in mind, preventing erosion.

"The beach is our number one aesthetic. It's just our natural beauty. It's part of Biloxi," said Tina Ross-Seamans. "It's part of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and we have to protect it. We have to make sure that it's re-nurished, and we are not losing more of the sand than we have to.

Seamans led a number of students and members of Keesler Air Force Base in phase two of the Biloxi Bay Chamber's beach planting project.

"The plants are deep-rooted planted which will help their root system expand deeper into the sand. Therefore it will keep the wave action and the wind from leaving the beach area," said Seamans.

For many new members of the Air Force, it was their first time leaving the base.

"We dug the holes, put them in there and fertilized them. For me, it was a great experience because I like to get out there and be active. I don't like sitting around. It was a good time," said Jessica Paul.

"Most of them have just gotten out of basic training, and they are usually very enthusiastic about getting involved in community. And they really seemed to enjoy themselves out here," said Noah Vaughan with the 338th Squadron.

A total of 6,700 one-inch potted plants were added to the beach near Rodenburg Avenue. It's just one of many scheduled service projects that will help restore South Mississippi's beach front.

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