WLOX.com story helps pet find a new family

By Elise Roberts - bio | email

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - There are thousands of animals right here in South Mississippi in need of a home. We often report that the Humane Society of South Mississippi is being flooded with animals, and one such report led to the adoption of a special dog.

Thirteen-year-old Ariel Raff has a new addition to her family.

"It's been okay. She's a quiet dog," Ariel said. "She likes to sit on the couch with us and we walk her."

After seeing one of our reports on the influx of animals at the Humane Society, this teen and her father discovered their new best friend, Jasmin.

"I was looking at the website and saw Jasmin's picture there and then went back and looked at the story and saw Jasmine in a cage and said, 'Wow that's the dog we adopted,'" said Michael Raff.

"We were so excited that Jasmine got to find her forever home," said Misty Velasquez with the Humane Society.

Velasquez said June, July and August are the busiest months for animal intake.  And while Jasmin is one of the many success stories, things have actually gotten worse at the shelter.

"Unfortunately, since July, our intake has actually increased," said Velasquez. "Since August 5th we've had an intake of about 634 animals. That makes it approximately 52 a day."

That's just one reason shelter officials continue to urge South Mississippians to make pet adoption their first option, instead of their last.

"We have so many types of cats and dogs and rabbits for people to choose from that it's sort of silly to go out and spend hundreds of dollars when you can save a life, spend less money and have that family member that's going to give you un-conditional love," Velasquez said.

Thanks to a recent, generous donation, the Humane Society will waive adoption fees of 200 cats as a part of the Gift of Love Program. say South Mississippians can adopt one or two cats per family at no charge.

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