Democracy in action

When was the last time you heard of a public meeting in South Mississippi where organizers had to turn people away. That is exactly what happened earlier this week in Moss Point when U-S Representative Gene Taylor brought his town hall meeting to Jackson County.

More than 700 people packed the room, others listened in the lobby. Some people never made it into the building because it was filled to capacity. The draw here and across the country is healthcare.

Many of these town hall meetings have erupted into shouting matches between representatives and some audience members. We are glad to report that for the most part, Congressman Taylor's meeting was civil. Our congressman has made it known for some time that he opposes the current, proposed health care plan because of its cost.

At his meeting the democratic process worked well. Hundreds of citizens took time to attend and question the congressman on his ideas and offer their own. If only we could keep this high level of interest going forward.

Those gathered wanted to talk about the President's proposed health care bill. There are many issues facing our country besides health care, such as our economy, the Afghanistan War, and our education system. Hopefully all of you have decided it is time to get involved in the running of our country. Democracy always works better with more voices being heard and ideas being challenged.

David Vincent
WLOX-TV  VP/General Manager

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