Man Dies After Stealing Car

An unidentified man died Wednesday evening, when the car he was driving slammed into a concrete barrier on the old Biloxi Ocean Springs bridge. Police say it began about six Wednesday, at a service station at the corner of Porter and Judge Sekul in Biloxi.

That's when a man jumped into a Nissan sports car with Harrison county tags while the owner was outside the car trying to put air in her tires. A few minutes later, two people were in their truck on the old bridge, when the nissan went speeding by.

Eyewitness Jilda Abston could not believe what she saw. "So, I flashed my lights to let him know this is the end of the bridge, slow down, he never slowed down, hit his brakes, he just creamed the wall," she said. Abston estimates the car was going at least 80 to 100 miles an hour.

The impact was so severe, it actually moved a part of the concrete barrier. Within moments, a bystander tried to help. Robert Martin, says he tried to get the man out of the car, but his friend Abston, told him to move away. "She said get away from it, it is going to blow. It scared me, I am still shaking," Martin said.

Within minutes, police, arrived at the scene. There was little they could do. "When we got to the end of the bridge, we found the vehicle engulfed in flames," Captain Steve Patterson said, "It crashed into the end barrier, at the end of the bridge, and the driver was apparently killed instantly," Patterson added. Patterson said police only found a few feet of skid marks just before the barrier the car struck. It was more than an hour and half after the accident, before police were able to get the driver out, using the jaws of life.