Ocean Springs Police crack down on school zone speeders

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Rain or shine, Head Crossing Guard Jean Lawver is on duty at Ocean Springs High School. Lawver said her main mission is to keep students safe.  Her 30 years on the job have been filled with daily greetings and more than enough speeding drivers.

"Slow down. Come on, if a child is hurt, that can't be undone," Lawver said.

Lawver said her job would be so much easier if drivers would obey the 15 mph speed limit law and look for the bright yellow flashing lights. She believes the problem is most drivers are paying attention to the clock, the cell phone, or a text.

"The worst time is when school is getting ready to start and they are running late."

Captain William Jackson runs radar near the high school often and issues dozens of tickets, which he hopes will teach fast drivers a lesson.

"The highest I have seen in any school zone is 33 miles an hour, and that is more than double the actual speed limit," Jackson said. "They are being selfish, and they are not thinking about others.  All they're concerned about is getting where they need to get to."

This school year, Ocean Springs Police have committed to having a traffic officer outside every school, every day, morning and afternoon. Captain Jackson is warning drivers to slow down.

"If you are late, you are going to be late. You are not going to make up time by speeding."

Jackson is also warning drivers that it's illegal to pass a school bus when children are getting off or on the bus.

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