Moss Point Students Raise Money For Classmates' Recovery

Students at Moss Point High are doing all they can to help a fellow classmate who was in a hit and run accident.

17 year old JJ McCorvey was walking down Jefferson Street in Moss Point a couple of weeks ago, when someone hit him from behind and kept going. McCorvey suffered a fractured pelvis and ankle, and had kidney and liver injuries. Now, he's at home recovering from surgery.

"The pain is not really a problem because I take medicine for that, but I'm ready to get up and start doing stuff again," says McCorvey.

McCorvey's classmates are also ready to see him in the school's hallways again. McCorvey is a straight "A" student, a member of Moss Point High's student council and yearbook staff. Students say he's the type of person that everybody knows.

"JJ McCorvey embodies what it means to be a Moss Point student. He is active. He has the school spirit, just unbelievable," says Seth Walley.

"He's very jubilant and... just funny. He has a brightness about him," says Floshea Fagan.

The students at Moss Point High are doing all they can to help McCorvey and his family get through this hard time. McCorvey says the visits, phone calls, and cards haven't stopped coming. Now the student council is raising money to help with medical cost. Something McCorvey's parents say is needed.

"We have to order hospital bed for him, wheelchair, all kind of medical stuff because he can't get out of bed," says JJ's mother Veronica McCorvey.

Doctors say McCorvey will probably be able to return to school in a couple of weeks and will have to get around with a wheelchair or crutches for about a year.

If you'd like to help McCorvey and his family, you can make a donation at any Merchants and Marine Bank in the McCorvey name.

By Myya Robinson