"Slick" allegedly slips up, "Cadillac" reportedly blows a tire

By WLOX Staff

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Their nicknames are Slick and Cadillac. One is 37. The other is 39. According to an FBI news release, both south Mississippi men are now linked to crack cocaine charges.

The FBI Safe Streets Task Forced worked with Pascagoula Police and the Jackson County Narcotics Task Force to arrest Albert "Slick" Morgan, Junior. The Biloxi man reportedly distributed large amounts of crack cocaine in the Haywood Brooks Governmental Housing Projects in Pascagoula.

When authorities nabbed Morgan on Saturday, they allegedly seized eight grams of power cocaine, and four thousand dollars in cash. Morgan has been charged with federal possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine. If he's convicted, "Slick" Morgan could spend the rest of his life in a federal prison. He'll remain in jail without bond until a detention hearing on Tuesday.

The other Saturday arrest was Timothy "Cadillac" Montgomery. Authorities said they confiscated a quarter ounce of crack cocaine from the Moss Point man when they took him into custody. Montgomery will be prosecuted through a state court.

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