Anti-Annexation Sentiments Grow

There is a local rebellion of sorts going on in Jackson County. A small group of residents in the St. Martin-Latimer community say tyranny is knocking on their doors. The tyrant? They say there are three, Ocean Springs, D'Iberville and Biloxi. These cities are trying to force the debt free municipality into annexation. They want other residents to join in their revolt and stand up against taxation without representation.

David Fausnaugh says, "You want to rebel , that's what you want to do rebel and let them know stay away leave us alone!"

St. Martin's resident's tax dollars pay the county for services like garbage, sewerage, water and police protection. They say its ideal.

"So what can they give us, they can't give us anything we don't already have and they know it," Fausnaugh says.

"And what we have is better than them and you know what , we don't owe a dime , they are broke and they won't admit it," Jimmy Champagne says.

The city of Ocean Springs already has a petition in Chancery Court asking permission to annex the whole area.

"We feel the Ocean Springs petition is faulty and we have filed motions to have that petition dismissed," Roland Skinner says.

They hope other residents will join in the fight. If D'Iberville successfully annexes St. Martin it would triple the city's tax base. If Ocean Springs is successful, they would double their tax income.

There is an anti-annexation meeting every Monday night at 7 o'clock at the St. Martin Community Center on Lemoyne Boulevard. The group opposing annexation urge all St. Martin-Latimer residents to attend a meeting. For more information call 313-3267.