Early childhood education at home

By Meggan Gray - bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It's back to school time for kids in south Mississippi, so now is a great time to make sure those little ones who aren't old enough for school yet, are getting the early education they need at home.

Here are some ideas for parents from Excel by 5.

  • Make time to read to your child every day. Reading not only helps them develop their vocabulary, but also encourages them to learn to read on their own.
  • Make every experience a learning experience. Talk with your little one while running errands around town or explain what you're doing as you complete chores around the house.
  • Allow your child to ask questions. Engage them in conversation about what they see or hear.
  • Routines are always helpful; they let children know when to expect the basics, such as eating, bathing, and bedtime.
  • Give them some paper and crayons and see what they'll create. Then, proudly display their work of art on the fridge, or tack it up on a pin board.
  • Children observe everything, so set a good example. Teach respect by showing respect to other family members. Same goes for affection and discipline. When you make a mistake, explain what you've done wrong so your child understands it's o.k. to mess up once in a while.

These simple steps will help make your home the center of learning year-round.  And then when the time comes, your little one will be better prepared for school.

To learn more, visit EXCEL BY 5.

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