Women Gain Extra Protection Against Violence

Fifteen women attended a self-defense workshop on Sunday afternoon - all for different reasons but for the same goal.

Shawn Montiforte is here for her family.

"Well, I'm a single mother with four children and I have not only myself to protect but as well as my four children," said Montiforte.

And Melanie Downs brought a member of her family - her five year old daughter Ocean - making that two women in their household who'll be able to take down an attacker with one swift move.

"We teach them that everything is very dangerous. You can't trust people so, just for her to get an idea of what to do," said Downs.

"A lot of times I talk to women and they say, well, it will never happen to me, and that attitude right there create a lot of problems so I think every woman no matter if you're seven years old or seventy years old needs to have a basic knowledge of how to defend yourself," said instructor Anthony Lepoma.

Lepoma taught several defense techniques, such as movements to respond to casual encounters such as unwanted physical advances in social situations. He even covered the more serious encounters such as choking, pulling, and being attacked.

Just a little extra protection to give these ladies a fighting chance.

These courses are offered two to three times a year, so if you are interested in the self-defense courses, and you are 6 years old or older, contact the Full Circle Martial Arts Center at 228- 875-8788 or stop by the center at 2206 Bienville Boulevard for more information.