Gulfport Girl A Rising 'Star'

You've probably seen her on the show 'Star Search.'  19-year-old Porschla Coleman , from Gulfport, is a model, and has recently won two competitions on the show. On February 6th, the Harrison Central grad may walk away with the grand prize of $100,000.

It all started when Porschla flew to Miami for a modeling job. When she arrived her driver asked her if she wanted to go to an open call for star search, she went and made the cut.

"A week before the show they called me and told me that I made it, so they flew me out to be on it," Coleman said.

Coleman is already a professional model, who presently lives and works in New York City.

"After I graduated, I didn't go off to school because I knew I was going to New York to start modeling... Life in New York is fun, it's a lot different than being here in Mississippi. It's a big change, going up there and taking subways and all that. It's really fun, it's exciting," Coleman said.

Coleman said it's also exciting being on Star Search with the whole country watching.

"TV makes everything look big. The studio really isn't that big. I think the audience is maybe 400 people. But knowing that the world is watching, no, I don't get nervous at all. It's more exciting to know that everyone is seeing me, and I'm just from Mississippi," Coleman said.

Next month Porschla will travel back to Hollywood to compete in the finals, with the winner getting a $100,000 price and model contract offer.

"To be honest with you, when I'm back stage I'll be jumping around, to get my blood flowing to stay warm. When you get cold you get really nervous. Before I go out there I'm like, this is my show. Everyone came here to see me, and that's what I try to think about so I won't be nervous... To win the finals, I'm just going to be myself, that's all you can do and hope that it works out for you.

February 6, 2003 is the date for the finals in the modeling competition.

Coleman said she wants to thanks everyone in Mississippi for their support and web-votes during the show.