Residents Petitioning Landfill

Kenneth Wilson's grandfather homesteaded land in the Daisy Vestry community more than a hundred years ago. This isn't the first time Wilson and his neighbors have protested a landfill proposal in their community. The first landfill proposal was in 1995.

"They decided it was too hot to handle and it went away."

But now the issue is back on the table again and Wilson and his wife intend to fight it one more time. The area where BFI wants to build a 1500 acre landfill is more than just a piece of land to the Wilsons, it's family history.

"His homestead is actual located within that plot of land that BFI is petitioning to get to be a dump. And the Wilson cemetary where he's buried," said Kenneth Wilson.

It's not just the sentimental value of the land. The Wilsons believe the landfill will create a huge environmental problem with debris from the landfill floating into nearby creeks.

"It would definitely have an impact on everyone in Jackson County and possibly the surrounding counties. Because we don't know what the scope of this is," said Iris Wilson.

Residents opposed to the landfill are already filling convenience stores with signs and petitions across Jackson County. A petition left at the Little Short Stop store in Gautier is already completely signed. And protestors say they expect even more.

"All we want to do for people is for them to find out for facts. That's all we need."

And with information, the Wilsons and their small community feel they can put a lid on BFI's plans.

BFI was scheduled to meet with the Jackson County planning commission on February 19th, but they recently rescheduled the meeting for March.