Three Shrimpers Rescued From Sound

Three Coast men are lucky to be alive, after they had to jump from their shrimp boat into a very cold Mississippi Sound on Friday.

According to the Coast Guard, it happened just before one Friday afternoon, one mile northwest of the western tip of Cat Island.

The smoldering 55 foot shrimp boat was easily seen from the shore. When it caught fire the men had no choice but to jump overboard. But they were very lucky, another boat was nearby and picked them up within minutes.

The water temperature was about 56 degrees at the time. According to the Naval Oceanographic office at Stennis after 90 minutes in water that temperature, a person has a 50-50 chance of dying.

We do not yet have the names of the three men on board the boat, but the Coast Guard tells us all three are doing fine. As for the shrimp boat, it's a total loss.