New Lanes, Lights, & Traffic Enforcement In Ocean Springs

Drivers on Highway 90 in Ocean Springs can look forward to new lanes, new lights and increased traffic enforcement.

It's all part of the plan to deal with the ever increasing number of cars on the busy state highway.

The long awaited road widening project has been the most visible improvement. But there are other changes in the works.

Traffic on northbound Holcomb Boulevard faces a right turn only onto eastbound Highway 90. Drivers wanting to head west, must first cross the busy highway, then make a U-turn to the west. But that sometimes risky maneuver is about to be eliminated.

A traffic light and median cross over are coming to Holcomb and 90.

"It will eliminate the U-turns that take place today. A bad traffic situation exists. It should also help lessen the amount of traffic that's trying to come directly out at the post office to the west of there, including Maurepas Landing and other developments," said city public works director, Andre Kaufman.

"Compared with ten years ago, it's just phenomenal the amount of traffic we have these days," said Ocean Springs police chief, Kerry Belk.

Chief Belk says the sheer volume of traffic made reinstating the traffic enforcement division a priority. Highway 90 is the busiest reason.

"You get so much traffic, especially with Ingalls traffic and people coming back over the bridge from the casinos and from Keesler who live in the community. You tend to have quite a bit of traffic, so it's just imperative you have a traffic unit," he said.

With the Highway 90 construction nearly complete, drivers long delayed by the orange construction barrels may be tempted to quicken that trip once all these barrels are removed. The newly reinstated traffic enforcement division will ensure that that doesn't become a problem.

"We're a little bit concerned about that. And the answer is, I hope not. We're going to see to it that the traffic laws are adhered to in Ocean Springs," promised Chief Belk.

The new traffic light at Holcomb and Highway 90 should be installed in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, the Highway 90 widening project is nearly complete. Work crews are finishing the last of the paving and striping.