Davis Found Guilty

Guilty, that's the verdict a Jackson County jury gave late Thursday night in the capital murder trial of Christopher Davis.

It took jurors about three and a half hours to convict Davis for the murder of Jackson County Sheriff Deputy Bruce Evans.

Evans died while standing next to his patrol car, waiting to assist in a high speed chase in July of 2000. Davis was the driver of the truck that crashed into him.

Bruce Evans' family and friends cried tears of joy after getting the news that the man responsible for their loved one's death will spend the rest of his life in jail.

"I was thrilled. That's what we've been hoping for. That's what we've been waiting for for two and half years," Evans' wife, Kristie said.

"It's been very emotional. Now that's it's over, hopefully everybody can heal, and get our lives back on," Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd said.

In closing arguments, the defense admitted that Davis was guilty, but said there should be a manslaughter conviction and not capital murder. But Evans' family and friends say they think the outcome was fair.

"I think justice was served. I know life is a long time, but my children were sentenced without being asked or doing anything to a life sentence without their father," Evans said.

Evans' love ones say, although there was a conviction, they will never get over Bruce's death. They say they'll just take things one day at a time.

By Myya Robinson