Familiar Coast Restaurant Demolished

A familiar piece of the past is now missing from Debuys Road.

The old "Log House" restaurant was torn down Thursday. For years, the Biloxi business attracted a faithful following of tourists and locals.

Jim and Mary Meyers opened the Log House more than 30 years ago, back in 1970. Before that, the Meyers owned and operated "The Friendship House", a restaurant just down the street where the Olive Garden is now located.

In recent years, several others tried their luck with restaurants on the property. None measured up to the old Log House.

Heavy equipment made quick work of the familiar log style building.

"I kind of hate to see it go. Just like the old Friendship House when it went," said C.N. Williams.

Williams and his brother Greg got the contract to tear down the building. And it's not just another job. They were practically neighbors with the Log House.

"Well, I grew up on Debuys Road, so I passed it every day of my life. Used to eat here quite a bit. Knew Mr. Meyers, Mr. Jim Meyers who owned it. Him and his wife. Very nice people," said Williams.

Jim and Mary Meyers opened the restaurant and lounge back in 1970. With its homemade seafood dishes, Southern hospitality and front lobby gift shop, the Log House became a regular stop for hungry tourists and coast residents.

Longtime chancery clerk, Nicky Creel, is among those with many Log House memories.

"More than I can want to tell about," said Creel.

"We've had some very good memories here. Especially Miss Mary Meyers. She was one of the founders. Helped found the coast, all the way from the Friendship House, north to Six Gun Junction," he said.

The demolition revealed something you might not have known. The old Log House wasn't really made of logs. It only looked that way. In reality, thin slices of rounded boards gave the building a log-like appearance.

While its facade may have fooled some, a generation of visitors will long remember the Log House for the good times and good meals.

"It's a landmark gone," said Creel.

Gulf Coast Medical Center now owns this land. The hospital bought it last summer for possible future expansion, but has no immediate plans for the property.