Cleanup needed

Over the years no matter what city you live in along the coast, you have heard the phrase that building or piece of property needs to be cleaned up or fixed. This is especially true following Hurricane Katrina.

In the city of Gulfport, the new mayor is doing more than just talking about it. Mayor George Schloegel recently sent out letters to the owners of storm damaged, downtown properties asking them how they are going to clean them up. Unfortunatley the mayor reports only one property owner has responded. So the mayor is writing another letter giving the property owners one more chance to outline a clean up plan.

The mayor says if the property owners do not respond, then the city will be forced to use any local or state laws to fix the problem. We applaud the mayor for taking this project on so early in his administration.

With the fourth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina just weeks away, it is time to look forward to the future. If Gulfport or any South Mississippi city, for that matter, is going to prosper and bring more business and even homeowners downtown, then those downtowns must be repaired and be cleaned up.

David Vincent
WLOX-TV  VP/General Manager

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