Fixing drainage problems in Ocean Springs

By Krystal Allan - bio | email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - For Gary Capehart, what started out as a small sinkhole in his backyard, has now turned into a drainage disaster.

"Ten feet of my yard caved into this, this hole just got larger and larger," Capehart said.

It's now a gaping hole Capehart estimates is about ten feet deep and 20 feet wide.  Capehart's alderman, John Gill of Ward 1, said it's a dangerous problem that needs immediate attention.

"I understand this problem's just been patched over throughout the years, and I'm here to tell Gary we're gonna fix it and we're gonna fix it right," Gill said.

Capehart's problem, though more extreme, is just one of many throughout the Fort Bayou subdivision, in Ward 1, on the city's repair list. In many cases, piping needs to be replaced and holes and ditches need to be filled.

But Alderman Gill said the city isn't sitting around idle. His ward has already completed three of the seven projects identified in the city-wide drainage survey for his ward. The latest project completed in his ward was a $130,000 drainage overlay on Bristol Avenue.

Outside Ward 1, there are signs the city is working to tackle its drainage problems.  The city's most recent drainage project was completed off Pine Street.  It runs the length of three blocks and was paid for by a $300,000 grant.

Back in Ward 1, Gill plans to take Capehart's drainage issue to the board August 18th. Capehart says based upon the feedback he's received, this time it appears as if the problem will get fixed.

"I'm very, very glad the city is now going to take care of that problem," Capehart said.

Gill said the city has about five major projects and 20 smaller drainage problems it's working to address right now.

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