Northrop Grumman busy building, hiring workers

By WLOX Staff

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Business is booming at Northrop Grumman these days. Vice President and General Manager Irwin Edenzon talked to Pascagoula Rotary members this week about the company's progress. He said the company is building 12 ships right now, and is about to deliver the USS New York to the Navy. The vessel is dedicated to the victims of 9/11.

Edenzon also said the Pascagoula shipyard needs more workers. There are about 11,000 shipbuilders currently employed with the company, but several hundred empty slots remain.

"We are hiring. We are looking for welders, fitters," Edenzon said. "Right now business is pretty good. We have some spots coming up here where we have a few challenges, but we are always looking for good folks. The employment office has been pretty full lately with applicants. We are going to look through those applicants to see if we can find the best folks to come and work with us."

Edenzon said Northrop Grumman is also involved in several community projects this year. Among them are the United Way, Special Olympics, and Project HOPE, which helps employees purchase homes.

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