Keep our children safe, don't speed

Youngsters all across South Mississippi began going back to school this week. With that we need to remind everyone to pay attention to school zones. The speed limit in school zones is 15 miles per hour and there is no tolerance for exceeding the limit.

Many students have to cross the highway near a school zone and while there are safety officers out in many of these areas, please make sure you pay extra attention so all of our children arrive at school safely.

This year Gulfport received a federal grant which allowed the city to place a permanent radar display near each school so you know exactly what your speed is. Other cities rotate radar displays from one school zone to another to remind drivers about the speed limit.

And remember school bus safety as well. The big yellow buses make a lot of stops, so keep a good distance behind the buses and stop when their stop signs are out. These school buses carry precious cargo, our children, so please give them every driving courtesy possible.

If we will observe these simple traffic rules then all of our children will arrive to and from school safely each day.

David Vincent
WLOX-TV  VP/General Manager

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