Family Prays For Their Dad's Safe Return

An estimated 350,000 troops will be deployed to the Persian Gulf in the next few months. Twelve thousand Mississippi men and women could soon be part of that deployment.

Army National Guardsman Martin Goodman of Long Beach has been in Quatar with his Gulfport AFCRAD Unit since October. He is supposed to come home April 5th, but a possible war with Iraq has his wife Diane wondering when she'll see him again.

"I'm proud of him, he's doing his job and protecting us over here, but I'd rather have him home, the hardest times is during the holidays, it was very rough and all even though you have your children," Goodman says through tears.

The Goodman's have raised 3 children in their 31 year marriage. One of their sons also serves in the military, but they still have a little one at home - five year old Krystal. Every night Krystal marks her calendar. It takes her one day closer to when her Daddy will be home. But with an impending war, that promise to be home in four months may be broken.

Diane Goodman says the uncertainty is nerve wracking.

"Not knowing whether or not they're gonna go to war, they would probably move locations and all and he'd be closer to the front lines."

Mrs. Goodman says she speaks to her husband often through e-mails. He has told her that the people of Quatar are very happy that American troops are there protecting them.