Businesses boom over tax free holiday

By Jessica Bowman - email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The tax free holiday will continue until midnight throughout the state.  At the Edgewater Mall in Biloxi, business was booming. All ages were amongst Saturday shoppers, filling their hands with many items to take home tax fee. Retail associates say the crowd was much larger than expected.

"We are very very pleased with the turn out, especially since this is the first one for Mississippi," said Toby Kelly, JC Pennys Assistant Manager. "Our traffic has been wonderful. It's been all day very steady from the time we opened in the morning time. We opened yesterday at 8am on Friday and Today at 7. And it was basically continuous from that point on. We have had steady lines."

Assitant Manager Justin Dubyak says sales are soaring. Shoppers are able to save seven percent on clothing and footwear, as long as each item is less than $100.

"Yesterday we had anticipated a great day, but after reviewing our numbers this morning, we did two and a half times better than what we planned," Dubyak said.

So what does this mean for the state? Some say its an economic advantage that should continue year after year.

"I think instead of money leaving the state it will stay in the state lets try to get this every year," shopper Justin Barnes said.

While some thought this weekend was a positive enforcement for the state, others disagreed.

"Seven dollar savings for a hundred dollars is really not that much, and its not worth fighting crowd,"  said customer Molly Sabbataini.

While some may not take part in this weekends tax break, many people are giving it two thumbs up.

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