Courthouse Security On Hold

The chancery court judges who handle emotional domestic cases asked the supervisors last year for tighter security. So now, glass surrounds the main staircases and the elevators in Harrison County's two courthouses. The doors at each end of the two buildings are still open, but you can't get to the second floor without going to the main staircase in the lobby.

"In order to get upstairs you're gonna have to go through a metal detector and it's sad that we live in a time that we're in today but that's the problem we're facing," District 1 Supervisor Bobby Eleuterius says.

The Biloxi Courthouse doesn't have a metal detector yet. There is one in the Gulfport courthouse but it doesn't work. The supervisors aren't sure who will oversee the beefed up security. They're waiting for an attorney general's opinion to get an anwser.

"We're in the process of determining from the attorney general if we can provide those services through the sheriff's department or whether we can privitize security services," Superivsors' President Marlin Ladner says.

The supervisors say knowing who will be in charge will help them determine how much money they'll have to spend.

"We want to secure the courthouses. We want to secure the personnel in those courthouses, however we have to look at costs involved," Ladner says.

Right now, the supervisors say they don't know what those costs will be. Until they find out, the metal detectors will remain unmanned and turned off.