First Phase Of Edgewater Bay Plan Approved

With a unanimous pass of 7 to 0, after almost four years of debate, the fate of the Edgewater Bay Golf Course is sealed.

"The council today approved a preliminary subdivision plat for the development of the project, at least the north end of it," said attorney Britt Singletary.

The approved plan, which is only the first phase, will allow 94-single family homes to be built on the former golf course.

"We reduced the number of lots for the density reduced a lot from 173 down to 94 , and then we put in a new road from the north end all the way to pass road then we come right out at Eisenhower. And that way there will be no roads going off into these existing subdivisions," said Singletary.

"It seems like it's going to be neighborly friendly and we certainly wish we had a golf course but obviously we know that we can't and will not, but this seems like the best project so far," said Edgewater resident Phyllis Luttman.

And although the council approved this preliminary proposal, there's still more work to be done, and yet another phase to be approved.

"Now that this has been done, we will submit plans to build the road . That's the first thing we have to do, and we get permits to do that, which of course you've got some demolition work to do, you've got the old clubhouse and things to be taken down, and then we'll build the new road beginning at Eisenhower and it meanders gently through the back part of the property," said Singletary.

A road that may lead to end of debate and the happiness of those involved.

Phase two of the project - which covers the south end of the property - will be presented to the city's planning commission on February 7th.