Governor Talks About Key Issues Facing Mississippi

The man who calls himself the education governor, came to our WLOX studios Friday evening, to again emphasize, funding education properly remains his top priority.

The governor, just one day after his State of the State speech, again accused the legislature of not making funding education a priority in the past two budgets, but, this year, he thinks that will change.

"And I believe, if you see them act this week, and they will, you will see something that has never happened before, that is all of education funded in one bill, from k to university graduate level, " Musgrove said.

It wasn't just education the Governor talked about Friday, he also touched on the crisis facing the DHS in Harrison County. Musgrove did not hesitate to put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the legislature, and again, it had to do with money.

''Anytime that you underfund an agency by 19 million dollars, things are not going to get done," Musgrove told Doug Walker and Dave Elliott.

Musgrove was also quick to criticize the insurance companies, saying the recent rate hike granted State Farm was less than it asked for, but still, way too much.

" I think when all of it is said and done, you will find about 90 percent of the increase, is a result of the loss in the stock market, it has nothing to do with the climate of a state," the Governor added.

Musgrove was also asked about some lawmakers switching from the Democratic party, to the Republican side, that list includes his own Lt. Governor, Amy Tuck.

''I believe her change and a number of legislators, is simply political survival,' Musgrove said. "And if that is what they want to do, the voters will answer the question as to whether they approve of that."

Finally, most people suspect Ronnie Musgrove, will soon announce he will run for reelection. Although he was non committal, it was pretty obvious which way he is leaning.

Musgrove said, "Certainly, at the approriate time I will make an announcement, I don't think it will surprise a lot of people."

By Jeff Lawson